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Stay up to date with Chinnor Silver Band’s performances at band contests.

18 Mar 2017London and Southern Counties (Second Section)114
26 Feb 2017Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest (Second Section)11882
18 Sep 2016National Championships of Great Britain (third section final)418
20 Mar 2016London and Southern Counties (Third Section)110
28 Feb 2016Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest (Third Section)22
21 Mar 2015London and Southern Counties (Third Section)311
18 May 2014SCABA Entertainment Contest (B Section)3792
15 Mar 2014London and Southern Counties (Third Section)118
18 Jan 2014Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section)1611
17 Nov 2013GBBA Own Choice (Section B)8792
17 Nov 2013GBBA March (Section B)9782
16 Mar 2013London and Southern Counties (Third Section)10
18 Nov 2012GBBA March (Section B)51772
18 Nov 2012GBBA Own Choice (Section B)71792
29 Apr 2012SCABA Spring Contest (Second Section)81
19 Mar 2011London and Southern Counties (Second Section)154
28 Nov 2010Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section)7185
21 Mar 2010London and Southern Counties (Second Section)146
29 Nov 2009Leicester Contest (Second Section)41831
11 Oct 2009Oxfordshire & District Brass Band Association Entertainment Contest (Open Section)44
21 Mar 2009London and Southern Counties (Second Section)111
17 Jan 2009Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section)1710
16 Nov 2008Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section)31854
16 Mar 2008London and Southern Counties (Second Section)51827
18 Nov 2007Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section)2186
17 Mar 2007London and Southern Counties (Second Section)1316811
20 Jan 2007Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section)131759
19 Nov 2006Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section)2182
18 Mar 2006London and Southern Counties (Third Section)31809
21 Jan 2006Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section)68011
27 Nov 2005West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (3rd section)73
19 Mar 2005London and Southern Counties (Third Section)1016810
12 Sep 2004National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final)1517215
21 Mar 2004London and Southern Counties (Third Section)217317